Get up and make a change

It’s not easy being an artist… especially if you are not a business person. In the last 2 years the economy has changed, money has shifted and corporations have openly taken over the world.

Business is different. Values are changing. Luxury items are lower on the list of priorities. Many older people, who, not long ago spent freely, are being much more careful.

So how do you survive if your income depends on the sale of art or other items that are now classed as unnecessary? Well you focus on your situation, decide where you need to be and do what you can do to get there.

You have to change, maybe drop your prices, change your target market, offer incentives, whatever. You have to be creative with your business as well as your art!

Nobody is going to feel sorry for you and carry you on to glory. If you are an artist, it is no good depending on a galleries to keep you going, they have the same problem that you have – a changing economy. You need to be innovative and find new ways of presenting and selling your art!



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