I watched 2 friends wrestling at Tae Kwon Do the other night. We are not taught to wrestle, so when we are down on the ground, we tend to scramble and scratch around slipping from random grasps to unexpected twists and turns.

Watching, it became obvious that they were not going anywhere. They were spending a lot of energy but had no focus on a direction. As martial artists we are taught to fight on our feet, that’s where we should be if we want to be effective. In a wrestling situation, our aim should be to get out of it and stand up again.


How many times in life do you do the same thing?  You go round and round, fighting the same problems blindly pushing and shoving and going nowhere. This is not where you should be if you are going over and over the same old and not going anywhere. You need to get out of there, stand up and attack life from a new direction.

So if your art is stale, repetitive and not selling, change your situation. Stand up and work from where you are comfortable.




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